Robust Application Installation, Management and Configuration

  • EzMDM will instruct your devices to install App Store, Enterprise and B2B apps
  • EzMDM supports Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • EzMDM supports legacy Apple Redemption Codes
  • Enterprise apps can be self-hosted or uploaded to EzMDM
  • Managed configurations enable you to customize the apps behavior
  • Managed configuration can even include device and/or user specific information

Complete iOS Solution

support for everything configurable via MDM

AirPlay Destinations
AirPrint Printers
CalDAV / Calendars
CardDAV / Contacts
Email Accounts
Google Accounts
Home Screen Layouts
HTTP Proxies
LDAP Accounts
Network Usage Rules
Per App VPNs
Single App Lock
Single Sign On (SSO) Accounts
Subscribed Calendars
Web Clips
Web Content Filters
WiFi Networks

You can even upload your own custom configuration profiles from Apple Configurator!

Device Restrictions

iOS supports numerous restrictions to control device behaviors and EzMDM supports them all

  • Siri
  • Siri While Locked
  • Bookstore
  • Camera
  • Messages
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Keychain Sync
  • Diagnostic Submission
  • Fingerprint Unlock
  • Roaming Background Fetch
  • In App Purchases
  • Lock Screen Control Center
  • Lock Screen Notifications
  • Lock Screen Today View
  • Multi-Player Gaming
  • Managed in Unmanaged
  • Unmanaged in Managed
  • Over The Air PKI Updates
  • Passbook on Lock Screen
  • Photo Stream
  • Enterprise Book Backup
  • Activity Continuation
  • Safari
  • Safari Auto-fill
  • Safari Fraud Warning
  • Safari JavaScript
  • Safari Allow Popups
  • Safari Accepts Cookies
  • Screen Capture
  • Watch Wrist Detection
  • Cloud Photo Library
  • AirDrop Unmanaged
  • Enterprise App Trust
  • Unprompted Screen Observation
  • Account Modification
  • AirDrop
  • Cellular Data Modification
  • App Installation
  • App Removal
  • Bookstore
  • Cloud Document Sync
  • Explicit Content
  • Find My Friends
  • Game Center
  • Host Pairing
  • Install Config Profiles
  • Siri Profanity Filter
  • Podcasts
  • Definition Lookup
  • Predictive Keyboard
  • White List Apps
  • Shared Stream
  • Untrusted TLS
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice Dialing
  • iTunes
  • Encrypted Backups
  • iTunes Password
  • Auto Correct
  • Spell Check
  • Music Service
  • News
  • App Store
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Watch Pairing
  • Change Passcode
  • Name Change
  • Wallpaper Change
  • Remote Screen Observation
  • Change Send Diagnostics
  • Change Bluetooth
  • Dictation
  • WiFi Whitelisting
  • AirPrint
  • Save AirPrint Credentials
  • AirPrint Trusted TLS
  • AirPrint iBeacons
  • System App Removal
  • VPN Creation
  • Single App (Kiosk) Mode
  • Limit Ad Tracking
  • AirPlay Pairing Password
  • Managed App Cloud Syhc
  • Erase Content and Settings
  • Spotlight Results
  • Enable Restrictions
  • Enterprise Book Metadata
  • Black List Apps


EzMDM is easy, but MDM itself is still complex

If you need assistance, our customer support team is ready to help. They have the MDM expertise to answer your questions quickly.

Our Solution


Configure any or all Mobile Device Management features into multiple policies in minutes.


Deploy your policy updates to thousands of devices based on Group/User assignment to policy.


Utilize the ezmdmâ„¢ monitoring and reporting capabilites to manage devices.


Snapshot an existing policy to incorporate configuration changes or application deployments.

Test and Re-Deploy

Test new features or application management for compliance and re-deploy!

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Enroll devices

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