Robust Application Installation, Management and Configuration

  • EzMDM will instruct your devices to install from Play
  • Install Apps without an gmail address on the device
  • Install Enterprise apps directly from EzMDM
  • Enterprise apps can be self-hosted or uploaded to EzMDM
  • Install apps silently (without user interaction)
  • Update apps silently (without user interaction)
  • Update apps via notificaton (user can choose when to update)
  • Update apps via schedule (update during off-hours)
  • Trigger update via REST API (5 minute window)
  • Managed configurations enable you to customize the apps behavior
  • Managed configuration can even include device and/or user specific information

Multiple Android Solutions

  • Work Profile: for employee owned devices
  • Managed Device: for company owned devices
  • Dedicated Device: kiosk mode for single use devices

Advanced Device Control

  • Toggle the device in/out of Kiosk mode
  • Remotely reboot a device
  • Clear a device passcode

  • Remotely factory reset a device
  • Remove default apps with a flip of a switch

Device Control and Restrictions

  • Prevent Specific Setting Changes
  • Grant Permissions
  • Block Unknown Sources
  • Block USB Debugging
  • Device Messaging
  • Web Clips / Shortcuts

  • Block factory reset
  • Apply WiFi Configurations
  • Apply APN Configurations
  • Set Wallpapers
  • Corporate Contact List
  • Bookmarks (Controlled Browsing)

Dedicated Device Features

  • Block Notifications
  • Custom Status Bar
  • Limited Settings Access
  • Disable Power Button
  • Disable Volume Button

  • Enable / Disable Home Button
  • Enable / Disable Recents Button
  • Lock WiFi Radio On
  • Prevent Device Sleep
  • Control OS Updates